Introducing the innovative industrial decontaminant which has the overall capacity to keep and recycle pollutants from furnaces that burn oil, coal, wood and inputs.
This device provides the best cost-effective solution to contamination problem which has been the continuing industrial struggle against the wide spectrum of different pollutants.,

INDESCON, performs the following functions: 
a.- Recycle smoke and floating particles:
INDESCON filter is a device manufactured to keep hold of all types of floating particles such as dust, soot, charcoal, ferrous particles, and everything that has mass, weight or volume, regardless the industrial source of contamination.
Emerging pollutants from smokestacks are trapped in the decontaminant tank, then the pollutants are automatically evacuated to the liquid tank.

Removal capacity is 99.11%
Size in microns: 2.15 Average
0.99 Minimum / Maximum 22.27

Size <2.5 μm  %  Frequency 95 microns
<5 μm           %   Frequency 1
<10 μm         %    Frequency 3
> 10 μm         %   Frequency 1

b.- Purify oily and acid gases
When pollutants are passing through the tank decontaminant,  the oily and acid gases get purified. The filter lets come apart any dissimilar particles from the gases, those are separated from the source, therefore, the  slight gases exit from the tank, then, ascend faster and dilute in the air.
Example: Petroleum gas; pieces of wood, oil, and all kinds of rubber or rubber, plastics, etc.

c.- Dampen the environment
Since the primary fluid is water, as an outcome it leaves a volume of water steam from the upper exit of the chimney, which is conducive to damp the environment on behalf of the vegetation, flora and fauna.

d.- Reduce the heat released into the environment
When those air volume and pollutant gases are passing through the decontaminator tank, these pollutants experience a big drop in their temperature, because the inner system keeps cold continuously those gases while the operation is performed. 

e.- Removes all odors and toxic smokes
The odors and vapors toxic for the environment are composed of micro-particles that are lighter than air. These micro-particles are trapped by the device and stop being annoying problem while the decontamination process works in progress.
Example: Food factories; slaughter houses and meat processing; poultry; packaged foods plants.

2.- The Industrial Decontaminator INDESCON contains:
a) A sequential electrical control box
b) An electric actuator for damper
c) A turbo extractor
d) A tank decontaminator
e) A geared motor
f) A pump and
g) A tank of water with continuous removal of particulate device (MP)
h) INDESCON (trademark) is manufactured in 316 stainless steel

Technical Engineering Department